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AF-50A automatic aerosol filling machine consists of automatic can feeding machine, automatic liquid product filling machine, automatic crimping & gassing machine and conveyor. It could complete the job of automatic can feeding, blowing, liquid product filling, crimping and gassing. The working speed output rate could reach 30-70 cans per minute.

AF-50A automatic aerosol filling machine is full air driven except the conveyor. The main pneumatic parts are from SMC Japan. It’s a set of effective, reliable, easy operation and easy maintenance machine.

The filling part of AF-50A automatic aerosol filling machine could be controlled independently, no can no filling. Guide rails for crimping so that the crimper would stop working if the sealing is not qualified. Guide rails for gassing part as well, accurate, effective and less consumption.

AF-50A automatic aerosol filling machine could work with automatic valve placing machine, automatic weight checking machine for aerosol cans, automatic water bath leakage detection machine, automatic actuator placing machine, automatic cap presser and ink jet printer to complete a full automatic aerosol production line.


aerosol filling machine 

aerosol filling machine   

Model AF-50A
Filling capacity 15-750ml (can be customized)
Filling accuracy  ≤±1%
Propellant filling capacity  15-750ml (can be customized)
Propellant filling accuracy   ≤±1%
Capping accuracy ≤1% 
Production capacity 2400-3600 cans/hr
Air source 0.6Mpa-1Mpa clean and stable air source
Max air consumption  3 M³/min 
Can Height 80~330
Can Diameter Φ35~Φ80
Weight about 2000kg
Dimension(L×W×H)  12000×1500×2100

Beauty industry has been considered as the potential market for aerosol products. The development in the application of aerosol products has been expected to live up to our expectations recent years. Aerosol products are more and more widely used in the traditional beauty products such as

·        Body cream, beauty cream

·        Facial spray

·        Hair spray

·        Sunscreen, sun care product.

The application of aerosol products in food industry remains the latest developing area of aerosol products application, but actually the development is really beyond our expectation. Thanks to the healthy life style and the development of bakery. You could make life much easier with the application of aerosol products in food industry. Here comes the typical application such as

·        Butter spay

·        Cake release agent spray

·        Oil spray

·        Whipped cream

The application of aerosol products in household has been developing with the aerosol industry, especially pesticide and insecticide. Of course, the application of aerosol products in household keeps growing in different area such as  

·        Air freshener

·        Cleaner

·        Furniture care, leather care

·        Pesticide, insecticide

The application of aerosol products in personal care takes the biggest part of aerosol industry. Still the application becomes more and more popular in products such as

·        Deodorant spray, antiperspirant spray

·        Facial spray

·        Hair spray

·        Shave cream, shaving gel, shaving foam

·        Spray moisturizer

Oral care and topical care are the main applications of aerosol products in pharmaceutical industry.


Aerosol products are commonly used in technical field such as

·        PU foam

·        Silicone spay

·        Paint spray

·        Refrigerant

·        Rust remover

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